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47117. winstonsmith - 8/26/2017 7:19:22 AM


47118. arkymalarky - 8/26/2017 4:20:35 PM

Hey trill, don't you have a link from the National Enquirer too? So desperate and pathetic. So sad.

The trifecta will be complete with Stephen Miller, and then they will hem Trump in until Mueller gets him. And that's moving faster than I think pretty much anyone expected. Now that Trump knows that he can pardon a criminal pretty easily, he needs to think of ramifications, one of which is that pardoned people can't plead the fifth when they testify.

It's going to be interesting to see how Republicans handle him between now and 2018, because the power he holds over them is the power to primary, which he's already using, and with what's left of the Republican party will probably work. If Democrats can't capitalize on this, they can't capitalize on anything. The Nut Job who's primarying Flake is quite the piece of work. It says a lot that McConnell is spending his pac money to run ads against these crazies.

47119. arkymalarky - 8/26/2017 4:33:43 PM

Come on, let's see an Enquirer link. Inquiring minds Arky and Msno want to know!

47120. Trillium - 8/26/2017 8:01:42 PM

Nothing from the Enquirer (and wasn't the Enquirer the only outfit to report on Gary Hart's issues? but never mind, you wouldn't want to know about that kind of tacky stuff :)

How about NBC?

Seeking Grand Jury Testimony from PR execs who worked with Manafort, including Podesta Group

"...six firms participated in the public relations effort that Manafort coordinated, paid for by a Brussels-based non-profit called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine. The stated goal was to build support for Ukraine's entry into the European Union. ....Two of the firms, Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, worked in Washington with Manafort partner Rick Gates, according to lobbying disclosure records. Three other firms worked in Europe, the executive said. NBC News could not confirm the identity of those three....

"...At the time, neither Manafort nor the firms had registered as foreign agents. The executive told NBC News that was because the non-profit said that it was not funded by a government or a political party.

"In recent months, the Justice Department told the Mercury and Podesta firms that they should have registered as foreign agents, and they did so."

47121. Trillium - 8/26/2017 8:10:10 PM

Oh, and wabbit, about Christopher Cantwell? Apparently there are people in the small town of Keene, where Cantwell once lived, who suspect that he is a government agent getting paid to do shit.

The Curious Case of Christopher Cantwell

"Others believe Chris is actually an undercover agent or confidential informant for the federal government. While I donít personally believe that about him, having known him pretty well for several years, I understand why they believe that. He fits the bill for an agent provocateur. The advocates of this theory say that Chris came into the libertarian movement advocating for violence against police, but when that didnít work, he got reassigned to advocate for violence in the white supremacy movement. It wouldnít be the first time the federal government had a radio host working for them inside the white supremacists.

"Regardless of whatever the truth is about Chris and his motivations, his racist views are despicable and I think I can speak for all the bloggers here (if not, they can reply with their own blog) when I say we donít support racism or hating people because of their religion or gender. Individuals should be judged on their actions and words, not the circumstances of their birth."

47122. arkymalarky - 8/27/2017 12:23:20 AM


Haha! Chris Cantwell the false-flag! Why you a-r trolls sure like to try that stupid shit out when you're losing a debate. And you're losing everything. White nationalist Trolls turning into snowflakes is a common scene and a funny one here lately.

As for consensual Affairs and gossip including gossip about the current occupant of the White House, I couldn't care less. The tactic white nationalist used to gain support of stupid people just doesn't work on the general population. Thank goodness.

47123. arkymalarky - 8/27/2017 12:33:13 AM


More about the frea keene group and their buddy Chris Cantwell.

47124. arkymalarky - 8/27/2017 12:34:32 AM

Haha! My voice to text said freaking, and I fixed the second word without fixing the first. Probably shoulda just left it is it originally was

47125. Trillium - 9/8/2017 2:06:14 AM

Chris Cantwell wasn't the only government-issue "white supremacist" at Charlottesville. Why here's yet another bogus platform, "League of the South"



"Garon Archer, a native of Johnson City, was the protester on Aug. 26 who repeatedly screamed, "The Southern nation is a white nation."

"He said he came to... represent the League of the South, an Alabama-based white supremacist group ...

"But just a few years ago, Archer appeared in a 2012 YouTube video of an Occupy movement demonstration ...In the video, Archer Ė who was himself 17 at the time Ė chants slogans against racism and burns a Confederate flag bandanna."

So either the guy's mentally unstable, or he's one of many paid plants, or you are naive... or all three could be true at the same time

47126. arkymalarky - 9/8/2017 6:25:39 PM

Oh I'm sorry honey! Did Zuckerberg kick you off of Facebook for your fake news stories? Surely you can find a bigger forum than this to trot them out.

47127. wabbit - 9/24/2017 9:36:38 PM

The Donald needs a remedial Jr. High American History class, and a tutor to explain it to him. Cliff Notes for the Constitution might help, if they can deliver it in tweets.

Nah, too hopeful. He is never going to wrap his tiny brain around what his job is, nor read the Constitution, nevermind understand it past whatever bullet points he has invented for himself. Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully express yourself eludes him entirely when you aren't in lockstep agreement with his selfish and ignorant POV, or when you are a member of a club that didn't want him.

I admit I wasn't unhappy that Hillary lost, but Cheeto has turned out to be less than what I hoped for, a lot less. Having known his NY and NJ reputation, I should have known better.

47128. wabbit - 9/24/2017 9:49:49 PM

While I'm on this, can someone explain to me how bragging about not being "politically correct" became cool? Near as I can tell, it's an excuse for being a racist, or a misogynist, or a homophobe, or just an asshole in general.

I have a cousin who brags about not being PC and her two years in the Air Force like that makes her something really special. I don't get it. Not being PC means you're ignorant and not interested in anyone else's situation. She claims to be one of those who thinks you shouldn't judge until you've walked in the other person's shoes, but then she spouts crap about those commie raping terrorist illegal immigrants who are stealing her taxpayer dollars, while she collects disability (her disability is a memory issue, she hasn't worked for years). No amount of showing her the numbers will sway her, she is firmly in the base and thinks everyone else is an idiot who just hates Trump and wants to take away her guns.

But what do I know. Consideration for others (including her, but she misses that every time) makes me a butt-fuck liberal who should just shut up. So much for the Constitution...again.

47129. wabbit - 9/24/2017 10:55:56 PM

...Kushner reportedly uses his personal email as well as his official White House email to†not only communicate with White House officials, but also to talk with outside advisers...


LOL, just thought I'd try it on for size...doesn't fit, I prefer not feeling like a complete moron.

47130. wabbit - 9/24/2017 11:39:28 PM

And just in case anyone thought I was done...

When did taking a knee become a statement against the flag, or the military, or the country??

Note to the shitheads who didn't get the memo - this is about obvious and pervasive POLICE discrimination, nothing whatsoever to do with the military. Jeez Louise, get a f'ing clue, huh?

47131. Ms. No - 10/2/2017 5:01:41 PM

Hurricane Maria shows Trump revels in conflict, chaos amid crisis

"Critics, such as liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders, view his behavior as "unspeakable," while Trump's supporters view it through their belief that the media is pursuing a vendetta against Trump, born of an elite disdain for his convention-busting style."

You know who else are convention-busters?

Murderers, rapists, child abusers, and criminals.

47132. wabbit - 10/8/2017 10:44:13 PM

What has to happen before Republican Congresspeople will stand up to their POTUS? They have to decide to not run for re-election, like Bob Corker. The inevitable Twitter storm doesn't mean a thing to them then.

47133. Ms. No - 10/17/2017 4:58:52 PM

It's just all the lying that irritates my soul!

If you hate brown people, think women ought to shut up and put out (for you only in the privacy of your chosen location), gays, transexuals, and atheists should be stripped of their rights and perhaps their lives, and poor people should starve and die in the street, then just fucking say so.

Man up and say what you really mean rather than lying about how you have respect for women's rights or how your tax cuts will help the middle class or how you're about religious freedom.

If you're afraid to say so, it's because you know it's wrong, and you don't want people to know what a shitty person you are.

Only you're not fooling anybody -- except maybe yourself and people who feel exactly as you do. Everyone else already knows you're a shitty person.

Don't be a liar on top of it.

Here endeth the morning rant at non-specific assholes.

47134. arkymalarky - 10/17/2017 7:16:21 PM

I'm going to share that post with mose. You sound like she sounds about having broken off with a dear childhood friend. There comes a point in time you have to realize it's not about who you voted for it's about your attitude and the reasons you voted for that person. If you're going to be prejudiced and try to sugar coat it or specially offensive, roll it in your religion, then it's best not to waste any more time on you.

47135. Ms. No - 10/18/2017 3:14:21 AM

There comes a point in time you have to realize it's not about who you voted for it's about your attitude and the reasons you voted for that person. Yep.

If you voted for Trump you are a bad person. period. You're not a good person who is mistaken or misguided. You are a bad person. You had a choice and you made the wrong one. You knowingly chose a racist, misogynist, lying bully for your president. That makes you an asshole.

47136. Trillium - 10/20/2017 12:01:13 AM

One of the many odd details of the recent Las Vegas massacre:

Security guard Jose "Larry" Angel Campos shares the same name as a teaching student in Mexico, Jose Angel Campos, who disappeared in Guerrero province (after a hotly contested election) presumably into a mass grave on orders of a local politician/gangster. The NYT has a photo of Campos' father putting up his son's picture on a wall.

Jose Angel Campos is a common name for Mexico -- yet the face in the photograph is also very similar. The extreme violence has some similarities also. The ages wouldn't match though some people say that this is common when people assume different identities after gang violence, they would change the age

"Searching for 43 Missing Students"

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