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47179. winstonsmith - 6/16/2018 1:13:22 AM

"Hope and vote"

Pretty much where I'm at.

In some ways, a damaged Trump contained by a Democrat majority until 2020 may be the best outcome possible.

47180. Ms. No - 6/27/2018 7:48:00 PM

And now it won't really matter what we vote in November since Kennedy has taken this opportunity to not just leave the door open but put out the welcome mat for Trump's next SC appointee.

Kennedy must've felt proud of himself for saying that Trump is not above the law, but he's just given Trump the means by which to put himself above the law for good.

Why couldn't Kennedy have waited for November? Clearly, the left and the center grew too used to Kennedy being the swing vote when issues of personal freedom and civil rights came up. He never did it because he valued any of us, but because of the way he interpreted the law. So now we are reminded that he has always been a conservative and we are brutally informed that he really doesn't care all that much about a government that represents all of the people and holds each branch in check.

I am perhaps even more sickened by this news than I was by Trump's election. Trump could only have served for 8 years. Supreme Court positions are for a lifetime.

How could Kennedy have done this? Does he LIKE Gorsuch? Does he think it's a good idea to ensure that no moderate voice will be heard on the court for the foreseeable future?

Ginsberg will retire soon --- why would she stay when she can't be heard?

Kagan will retire similarly.

Why have a Supreme Court at all if it's just going to be a rubber stamp for the ugliest version of Conservativism?

I hope that Kennedy revises his timeline.

Barring that, I hope his conscience never gives him another peaceful night for as long as he lives.

47181. Ms. No - 6/27/2018 8:39:26 PM

I just made my very first ever meme:

but it's in a stupid FB post so I can figure out how to link it.

47182. arkymalarky - 6/27/2018 9:29:47 PM

oooh, I'd love to see it!

I'm still boiling, but gotta disagree. Nov is more important than ever. Gorsuch was Kennedy's clerk, and Kennedy is an old white man conservative, so he wants the GOP to replace him and thinks they won't have the votes aft. elections. That's why he did it now. Like the Federalists, the GOP will pack the courts, but that won't make them survive. Planning to march Sat then after our CO vaca my fulltime job will be gotv until Nov 6. When things like this happen. the only thing to do is fight harder, even when all I wanted to do at first was plop down in the road and cry.

McConnell is the most disgusting pol of my lifetime. JS.

47183. arkymalarky - 6/27/2018 9:34:50 PM

I totally agree about Trump vs SCOTUS. That is the main thing causing evangelicals to support him and vote. But their numbers are shrinking, tho not fast enough.

47184. arkymalarky - 6/27/2018 9:35:52 PM

For the first time, I'm glad I retired.

47185. Ms. No - 6/28/2018 8:35:32 PM

Nah, you're right, Arx. I was being hyperbolic about votes not counting in Nov. Of course they do, and of course, it's more important than ever. I'm just disgusted and disheartened and mad as hell that we have yet another serious battle to retain our Democracy.

Went to an Indigo Girls concert last night and it soothed my soul. Their opening act was Lucy Wainwright Roche (of Louden and Roche sister descent). Great music, great messages, good vibe and so, so restorative to spend the evening in an auditorium full of loving, accepting, progressive folks.

It was great walking to the venue --- it was like middle-aged lesbians on parade.

And of course, there were protest songs. :-) LWR closed her set with a cover of Petty's "Won't Back Down" and it brought tears to a lot of eyes.

I'll be going to the march on Saturday for as long as I can. A friend of mine is leaving town for the summer and I promised her the day before this rally was organized. I don't know if she will be up for it or not.

47186. Ms. No - 6/28/2018 8:51:54 PM

In other news, another friend recently published a book:

Punching Nazis: And Other Good Ideas

Went to his reading a few days ago and was both entertained and inspired. His first announcement when he got up to read was that he was not responsible for the recommendation on the cover of his book and he'd be happy to cross out not only the typo but also Rosanne Barr's name and write in another comedian of your choice.

I'm weighing whether to go to his standup gig tomorrow night or my writing group. I'm thinking I may need the laugh more than I need to write.

47187. arkymalarky - 6/29/2018 2:11:54 AM

I've been talking myself up and down ever since the announcement, and my latest thing i, especially after finding out that his son was Trump's Deutsch Bank Banker that we're really not changing much but replacing him with another trump sycophant. Honestly I've never had issues with depression except for a brief time after my hysterectomy when my hormones went crazy, but I've struggled with being down ever since November 9th. The day before I became a grandmother, ironically, which was a wonderful thing and still is. But it's hard to shake that stuff off. Just doing what you're doing and keeping Positive Vibes around seems like the best way to deal with it. That and fight. I truly think McConnell didn't dare risk waiting until after November, and I'm sure somebody exprsesed that to Kennedy.

47188. Ms. No - 6/29/2018 6:14:18 AM

I do wish I were sitting on the porch with you and the gang, though. :-)

47189. arkymalarky - 6/29/2018 6:08:19 PM

The door is always open even when were gone! Spook can let you in because he's our neighbor now. You'd love his place too. It's really beautiful with a nice Old Farm house with lots of Windows and hardwood floors, beautiful Meadow surrounded by trees and a creek and a big old fashioned Red Barn I'll try to find a picture and send it to you. He's a lot happier than he was when he was "happily married"

47190. Ms. No - 6/30/2018 12:19:28 AM

That's great news!

I am soon to be spending many an hour sitting on my dad's porch looking out across the Great Smokey Mountains.

47191. arkymalarky - 6/30/2018 7:03:31 AM

How nice! Will be going to Colorado in a couple of weeks, but Dad didn't even let me be out of school a week before he fell and ended up in the emergency room and I've been hauling them back and forth to the doctor, so my brother is going to hold down the fort while we're gone so we can get out of here. I desperately need to get away. And that will be away from trumpistan as well which I need. I'm doing a lot of volunteering gotv, etcetera, when I get back.

47192. alistairconnor - 8/14/2018 5:07:31 PM

One day, Ms No, I'll join you on that porch. I just had a visit from my NC friends, we intend to walk the Blue Ridge trail one day, just like Bill Bryson in that movie.

47193. Ms. No - 8/16/2018 6:44:24 PM

That sounds wonderful! You'll have to let me know when you get it planned. I'd definitely be up for meeting up and perhaps even providing a porch depending on where all my kin are living at that point.

I've only ever hiked little bits of the trail, but I've driven the Blue Ridge Parkway many a time. It's one of my favorite tours -- especially in the fall when the leaves are changing, but it's always beautiful.

47194. Ms. No - 8/16/2018 6:59:46 PM

And just to show that beauty occurs even in red states:

This is sunset in the Smokies from my father's porch.

47195. Ms. No - 9/24/2018 7:55:07 PM

So, Rosenstein may be out, which will mean that Mueller is out, which will mean that the Russians are in, and that the right-wing fanatics will continue to take over the government and disenfranchise Americans.

I suggest we keep fighting, but hunker down and take names, dates, times, and places. When some reasonable government regains power, there should be a long list of people brought up on charges of Treason.

Mitch McConnel not the least of them.

47196. Ms. No - 9/24/2018 7:55:40 PM

Hell, if we wait until Trump is out of office, he could be prosecuted criminally and actually serve time --- which doesn't happen to an impeached President.

47197. winstonsmith - 9/25/2018 6:31:44 AM

Beautiful photo Ms. No.

At this point, with rate things are happening, it is beyond me to predict what will happen. I just hope Democrats come out to vote. I see the right starting to get worked up and worry that they may rally in the next few weeks. Hopefully, in the end, sanity will prevail and Trump will be vilified like Nixon was.

47198. Ms. No - 10/5/2018 3:35:15 PM

Sheesh. I thought I posted -- but now I remember that I couldn't get my words right (probably because I was foaming at the mouth).

Had to explain to my students the other day why their vote still counts. They are NOT fond of the electoral college, so now I'm looking for a couple of good articles to give them the arguments for keeping, abolishing, or changing the process.

We also had a big discussion about exactly why Kavanaugh might or might not be suited to the office of SCJ. I was proud of them for coming to the conclusion that they couldn't say whether or not he assaulted Dr. Ford, but he didn't make himself look innocent by crying and refusing to answer the interview questions.

"Is he gonna cry and scream in court?"

Yes, children. Yes, he likely will.

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