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46670. judithathome - 11/9/2016 7:07:35 AM

Okay....welcome to the end of life as we know it, people.

I could kick myself for listening to my fucking broker...."Oh, don't worry about the election..."

We had an expensive bottle of champagne opened earlier tonight. Half of it went down the drain and Keoni is already in bed.

Jesus H. Christ.

46671. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 7:12:49 AM

You were right, and I knew there was a possibility you were right but my mind simply could not go there I'm about to have a grandkid in a week and I'm going to focus on living my life and my family and what happens will have to happen. The Press has as much responsibility for this as anyone.

46672. judithathome - 11/9/2016 7:18:19 AM

No shit.

I am not happy to have been right, by the way.

I think you are in a better place than I am right now to have a new life coming into this world...send our love to the happy parents and give them a hug from us. And extend that to you and Stan.

46673. judithathome - 11/9/2016 7:23:50 AM

And speaking of the press....ALL of them deserve to be kicked mightly because they gave unlimited FREE advertising to that worm Trump...every time he'd open his yap, they would interrupt whatever was on to give his vitriol free reign.

They are already talking of him planning to meet with his biggest fan, Putin...before he's sworn in.

Jesus H. Christ.

And while I'm at it....I think Julian Assange needs to be imprisoned for crimes against this country...but I'd bet the only thing that happens to him will be Trump sending him a new computer.

46674. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 8:12:24 AM

Well, it's a stressful thing bringing a new baby under these circumstances. Mose is mortified. I do not trust Trump not to put us in danger. He is an existential threat. But all I can do is live my life. I don't know what else to do

46675. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 3:52:54 PM

Our South Korean exchange student just called, and she's really scared about Trump being elected.

46676. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 3:56:49 PM

Two things that I I thought about over a sleepless night. One is that this false Equalization by the media the infotainment aspect and the their inability 2 call what they saw and not as Judith said give Trump a free Mega phone. The second is the growing alt right media that started so many years ago with Rush Limbaugh and grew with drudge and reached its Acme with Breitbart. This is hate, pure and simple. And a lot of people who either voted third-party or voted for Trump in the Rust Belt and out west because they thought he would bring jobs back are going to be sorely disappointed when that doesn't happen, and instead we get an economy in trouble and kids going to college with no chance of Ever Getting Any debt relief.

46677. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 4:00:25 PM

Democrats as a party are really unified, but since Howard Dean left they have totally neglected Grassroots and local campaigning. It's ironic that trump talked about his rallies as evidence of his support, but the Democrats had massive Rallies that were very well attended and sent people out to volunteer, but they didn't build a network of democratic conversations with college kids and neighborhoods and social media that the righy wing has constructed over the last years. So now that hijacked the Republican Party in the country, and there's not a lot the passengers on this little ship of State can do about the direction it's headed, whether they voted for Trump or not.

46678. alistairconnor - 11/9/2016 4:57:22 PM

Hello, dear American friends. Hello, everyone except the Angry White Men. (Well, hello to the Angry White Men too, as long as they're angry at Trump).

Welcome to the post-industrial western world. Where Capital is in the driver's seat, and Labour is either hanging on by its fingernails, or has already fallen by the wayside. The demagogues claim it's all the Other People's fault, and you get Brexit, and you get Trump. In France, we have an election coming next year...

I don't have much hope, but as somebody said, one doesn't need hope to persevere.

To quote Gramsci : "The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear."
I actually prefer Žižek's paraphrase : "The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters."

46679. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 5:46:21 PM

I guess 8 years of Hope was all that we were worthy of it. It sure was a great 8 years tho.

46680. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 5:47:59 PM

Well it was nice that le pen congratulated trump.

46681. arkymalarky - 11/9/2016 8:52:45 PM

Headed to be grandparents. Trump literally put Mose into labor. She was stressing and went to bed before the results came in, woke up at 2:30 in the morning, made the mistake of looking, went into a full-blown panic attack and started contractions after that.

46682. judithathome - 11/9/2016 11:53:23 PM

Look at the others in that article who did the same...bigots attract bigots.

46683. judithathome - 11/9/2016 11:59:16 PM

OMG...good luck to all of you!

Send our love to the parents and the new addition to the Arky clan!

46684. arkymalarky - 11/10/2016 12:31:31 AM

I will. I'll send you a picture soon as I get one and no and wabbit too.

46685. judithathome - 11/10/2016 12:41:30 AM

OMG...RICK fucking PERRY just announced that HE has been contacted by Donald Trump for a "position" in the Trump administration....

Water seeks its own level! You heard it here first!

46686. arkymalarky - 11/10/2016 3:34:57 AM

I hope it's not head of the department he doesn't remember.

46687. winstonsmith - 11/10/2016 9:52:27 PM

Only around 50% of eligible voters turned out. Sadly, Trump voters showed up and he won. There will be a mid term election in two years. Time to start picking good candidates now and working on get out the vote plans. Historically, Democrats show up in low numbers for mid terms. It would be difficult (but very possible if more people show up) to take back the Senate. If we could take back the Senate, and if Ginsburg can hold on for two years, maybe we could just limit them to replacing Scalia and Thomas.

46688. arkymalarky - 11/10/2016 10:01:07 PM

The thing is, the Democrats are going to have to do what the alt right's been doing 4 years, and that is to micro Grassroots Network. 308 radio and hate internet and some of these rural churches and communities, they've been disseminating a message generally filled with a lot of misinformation that's been flying under the radar for years. Nobody is considered rural voters important because they've never had any impact until this election. There is no structure for that with the Democrats to counter the hate and fear that's been propagated for so long among struggling real people. Hillarys ground game may have been excellent, but you have to cultivate and the Democratic party hasn't really bothered to do that since howard dean as far as I'm concerned. Maybe we can manage it without the racism and hate and fear, but Democratic party has to have something to offer Rural America and they just don't. For people out here, things as simple as rural Broadband would be great but nobody's doing it. All the right-wing does is give lip-service and keep them hating "other" and they never have to deliver anything and they never have to improve anything and the Democratic party offers nothing in the way of an alternative anybody out here can see, so really in retrospect the outcome is not that surprising. What's surprising is that the rural white people turned out in force, and that's because they finally felt they had someone they wanted to vote for. They did not want to vote for McCain or Romney.

46689. arkymalarky - 11/10/2016 10:01:33 PM

For years....

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