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11585. Trillium - 5/22/2015 4:41:49 AM

The Waco shootout is turning out to be more complicated. The nine men killed were apparently all shot by police (not by other bikers?) and most of the arrested had no criminal record. Lots of lawsuits to follow, most likely

Majority of bikers arrested have no convictions in Texas

A lot of the "bikers" were apparently older working people:

Aging Rebel Blog

11586. judithathome - 5/22/2015 6:59:50 PM

Don't worry...any lawsuits will likely be thrown out...Texas has a way with that sort of thing.

11587. judithathome - 6/1/2015 10:24:02 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Caitlyn Jenner!

Click on the photo to enlarge...pretty amazing transition.

11588. judithathome - 6/8/2015 11:56:19 PM

This is one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read about incarceration in this country...make sure you click on the links about how this young man was treated during his ONE THOUSAND DAYS at Rikers Island without being charged with a crime.

RIP: Kalief Browder: 1993-2015

11589. judithathome - 6/25/2015 3:44:40 PM

The Supremes upheld ObamaCare! Six to three! Roberts on the side of the liberals on the court!

11590. judithathome - 6/25/2015 3:47:34 PM

Republicans going nuts over finding by the Supreme Court

Ted Cruz already branding the court "tyrannical".

11591. arkymalarky - 6/25/2015 4:28:32 PM

Scalia is a pathetic fossil.

11592. iiibbb - 6/26/2015 3:47:47 PM

Hooray for gays

11593. judithathome - 6/26/2015 9:55:30 PM

One of the NY escapees has been shot and killed...Richard Sweat...the one FOX News alleged was "well endowed".

11594. Trillium - 6/27/2015 5:33:06 AM

LOL where was that and how did the reporter know?!

This is amazing:
Video shows lax security

"The entire process isn't visible in the video, but you can clearly see the bag being hoisted up the wall. This at a time when this maximum security prison was in lock-down with a tense manhunt underway....the video went viral, with more than 5 million hits, sparking a lot of questions and debates and even mockery about just how secure this prison is....The video also sparked an angry response on social media from corrections officers and their families. They say that using ropes to hoist lunches, carry-out food and other supplies to guards working long shifts in the tower is a long-standing tradition at Clinton-Dannemora. A tradition that they say doesn't threaten security."

Sure, but ....explain how the heavy equipment reached the prisoners...

11595. judithathome - 6/27/2015 5:52:58 PM

where was that and how did the reporter know?!

It was played over and over by other news organizations...it was on FOX News and they don't HAVE to actually have any proof of what they claim...it has been ever thus...they hear it, they report it as gospel.

11596. arkymalarky - 6/27/2015 10:08:50 PM

what if Matt killed Sweat?

11597. judithathome - 6/28/2015 12:58:10 AM

According to the police, they told Sweat to surrender and he refused so they shot him.

11598. arkymalarky - 6/28/2015 1:04:36 AM

No, matt is the one who was shot. Sweat is still missing. I just wonder when Matt shot at that camper, if he wasn't purposely shooting at the camper but at someone else. That he may have killed his partner once he had a gun, thinking he had a better chance of escaping without him. And they just haven't found the body yet. Not likely, but I think possible.

11599. judithathome - 6/28/2015 6:47:02 PM

God...why can't these guys have regular names...

11600. judithathome - 6/28/2015 6:48:55 PM

Whatever...the DEAD one is still the one who allegedly was well-endowed.

Except for brains.

11601. arkymalarky - 6/28/2015 7:35:08 PM

The more I think about it and the longer it goes, the more I think that that very well may have happened. Matt, the dead one, killed sweat, which is why they still can't find him. I wasn't following the endowment story. They need to go back to that original cabin and look around it for a body in the weeds or look for circling buzards or something.

11602. arkymalarky - 6/28/2015 9:00:10 PM

Wow. I was wrong. They got him.

11603. judithathome - 6/28/2015 10:32:12 PM

Yes, and now we'll be hearing about it for yet another week...

11604. arkymalarky - 6/30/2015 6:40:13 PM


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