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9618. Wombat - 8/28/2013 10:33:24 PM

I suspect that if there is military action, it will be some missile strikes at various uncontroversial targets with no follow-up. Hopefully, there will be little blowback. The both sides can get on with killing each other through--hopefully--conventional means. Frankly, if the French are so eager to avenge the "atrocity," let them take the lead.

9619. Trillium - 8/30/2013 7:48:11 AM

Thank you Britain for voting down further entanglement with The Syrian civil war.

Now if US leadership will please respect the constitution and allow congress here to turn away from this disaster also...?

9620. ricknelson - 8/30/2013 2:02:52 PM

The US appears willing to go alone against Syria.

At this point I've not seen incontrovertible proof Assad was behind the gas attack.

However, I have seen compelling evidence the rebels were responsible.


Shoebat as source does not instill confidence, but it does create clear doubt that Assad is responsible.

9621. arkymalarky - 8/30/2013 10:43:05 PM

Hey RICK!!!!

9622. arkymalarky - 8/30/2013 10:46:01 PM

Surely Wombat is right about the likely extent of US response.

9623. alistairconnor - 2/11/2014 12:45:18 PM

Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill have launched their news/investigation site (funded by eBay founder, Pierre Omidyar, and his organisation Firstlook Media)

Welcome to The Intercept

The Intercept has a two-fold mission: one short-term, the other long-term.

Our short-term mission is limited but critically important: to provide a platform and an editorial structure in which to aggressively report on the disclosures provided to us by our source, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. We decided to launch now because we believe we have a vital and urgent obligation to this story, to these documents, and to the public.

Over the past seven months the journalists who have reported on these documents from the National Security Agency have been repeatedly threatened by a wide range of government officials. Sometimes, the intimidation campaign has gone beyond mere threats. These attempted intimidation tactics have intensified in recent weeks and have become clearly more concerted and coordinated.

None of this will deter the journalism we are doing. A primary function of The Intercept is to insist upon and defend our press freedoms from those who wish to infringe them. We are determined to move forward with what we believe is essential reporting in the public interest and with a commitment to the ideal that a truly free and independent press is a vital component of any healthy democratic society.

Our first two news articles at The Intercept are now published. The first, by Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald, documents the NSA’s use of highly unreliable methods to target individuals around the world for assassinations by drone, resulting in the deaths of innocent people. It relies upon a new well-placed source, as well as new NSA documents from the Snowden archive, to tell the story.

9624. Trillium - 2/17/2014 2:16:55 AM

A friend who grew up in Venezuela sent this to me and asked that it be shared as widely as possible. I'm not usually quick to fall into line for those sorts of requests, but this one moved me:

what's going on in Venezuela

9625. Wombat - 2/17/2014 6:58:39 AM

Ah, life in the socialist paradise that is post-Chavez Venezuela. Right Bhelpuri?

9626. bhelpuri - 2/17/2014 7:42:22 PM

CIA dirty tricks, obviously. #YanquiMischief

9627. bhelpuri - 2/17/2014 7:42:26 PM

CIA dirty tricks, obviously. #YanquiMischief

9628. Wombat - 2/17/2014 8:09:49 PM

Of course. #NoMoreColdWar

9629. arkymalarky - 3/5/2014 1:09:09 AM

Wow. Republicans admiring Putin? Now we see what type of qualities they value in a leader. Scary. Certainly wouldn't want them ever to have the chance to have the leadership in the US again if that's how they think good leaders should behave. Better red....

9630. judithathome - 3/5/2014 1:40:19 AM

I know...it's deplorable.

9631. alistairconnor - 3/6/2014 1:29:30 AM

Sorry. I couldn't resist this one.

9632. Trillium - 3/6/2014 4:17:23 AM

Argggh. Okay, I laughed.

9633. judithathome - 3/7/2014 12:14:51 AM

As did we all, I'm sure.

Unfortunately...it's not a laughing matter.

9634. arkymalarky - 4/15/2014 2:22:31 AM

What's next in Ukraine?

9635. Wombat - 4/15/2014 5:20:54 PM

I don't know. Ukraine is in a potentially terrible position.

9636. bhelpuri - 8/25/2014 5:43:35 AM

I discovered just now that Pseuder has set up a blog: pseudoerasmus.com, in which is explored and addressed many of the same topics that have engaged him for years. A bit deadly serious + eye-wateringly voluminous for me, but still some good stuff there.

Most fascinating to me is the rather decent series of banner photos, noth flashy but consistently decent. Where do they come from? Our man's own ouevre? Hidden depths and all that...

9637. alistairconnor - 9/10/2014 3:32:03 PM

Yeah it looks pretty good... a fair proportion of narcissistic stream-of-consciousness, but one expects no less from the Pseud.

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