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2131. thoughtful - 7/3/2023 10:10:31 PM

Hahah vonK! My experience is similar...it seems too much to ask that they be civil and actually make an argument as opposed to heading right to invective.

I've also responded with facts and data to which they answer that they don't believe it, I'm being duped by Soros et al, yadda yadda...

2132. Ms. No - 7/9/2023 5:01:51 AM

I'm always amazed and horrified and saddened when confronted with the kind of internalized oppression demonstrated by the "token" mouthpieces propping up racist or misogynist ideology.

2133. vonKreedon - 7/9/2023 5:15:02 PM

Such as?

2134. Ms. No - 7/15/2023 12:23:44 AM

Candace Owens springs first to mind.

Mostly I mean any person who is part of a historically (and currently) marginalized group who argues that pushing for equity measures is somehow more oppressive, more racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. than the circumstances those measures are meant to counteract.

They're trying to cover their attempts to impede equity by pushing their idea of equality. Except that I don't think Candace Evans believes she's arguing against equity. I thing she truly believes that getting a helping hand now to make up for 200 years or more of oppression somehow demeans her...or maybe she's like Kanye and just doesn't believe systemic racism or sexism exist because she has risen to a position of privilege.

2135. Ms. No - 7/15/2023 12:27:58 AM

I also, unfortunately, hear it from many women when the issue of sexual harassment and assault are up for discussion. I ran into the parent of one of my former students who mentioned that her daughter was having a tough time after a sexual assault at a party, "But I told her, 'What did you expect would happen?' you know how those college parties are."

I've heard similar from lots of women and it just horrifies me.

2136. vonKreedon - 7/16/2023 4:44:56 PM

Wow, to a daughter!

2137. Ms. No - 7/17/2023 1:41:10 AM

Right? But imagine anyone saying to a person whose house was broken into "Well, what did you expect living in such a fancy place? You ought to know better than to show off your good life."

I'm sick of people arguing that we need to be tough or make our kids tough. Why don't we just make them kind and then they don't need to be so tough?

2138. thoughtful - 7/19/2023 11:28:07 AM

Unfortunately, I think kids need to learn to be both tough and kind. But victim blaming isn't being tough and it certainly isn't supportive. I hope that poor gal gets the help and support she needs.

2139. Ms. No - 7/26/2023 9:25:08 PM

In other news, the university called yesterday to offer me a place in the upcoming EdD cohort, but in the last 10 days I had decided that I want to pursue other opportunities.

It was bizarrely serendipitous -- I had just that morning been telling a friend over breakfast that I felt I'd dodged a bullet by being waitlisted. Recent conversations with friends and colleagues had really changed my mind about how I want to spend the next 5 years, and getting terminal degree is no longer on my list. Not 30 minutes after I got home the call comes in from the school.

I feel like the universe was looking out for me!

2140. vonKreedon - 7/29/2023 3:39:59 PM

Congrats on the serendipity. So, what do you want to do when you grow up?

2141. Ms. No - 8/3/2023 5:32:24 PM

Travel, hang with family, invest in my house and yard, take guitar lessons, and do art.

I'll proceed with a previous plan to get my admin credential. I have no intention of being a principal EVER, but the admin credential opens up other opportunities that appeal.

For right now, staying in the classroom another ten years doesn't terrify me -- but ask me again in October and we'll see what I say. :-)

2142. resonance - 9/11/2023 7:36:05 PM

Hey, y'all. Hope you're all well. Sharing sad news that Juliette Kelsey, aka Adrianne, passed away from terminal cancer yesterday.

2143. arkymalarky - 12/25/2023 11:20:39 PM

I'm sorry to hear that about Adrianne. Thank you for coming in to let us know Res. good to see you tho Circumstances aren't good.

2144. arkymalarky - 12/25/2023 11:24:28 PM

Been away from here a while, but back in the classroom at my old school, helping them out until the end of the school year. That will be my last classroom adventure, because it's not worth the money When i've got Retirement plus social security and next year Medicare (hard to believe) but I'm enjoying it while it's lasting And I will help them per diem at testing time still if they need it. Did reach a milestone I had hoped to avoid in my career and that's teaching a grandkid of a student.:(

2145. Ms. No - 1/5/2024 8:44:46 PM

Wow! That's got to be really strange having been out so long. I've got an appointment in February to look at my retirement options. It's still probably at least 5 years out, but we'll see.

2146. arkymalarky - 1/13/2024 2:02:52 AM

Oh that sounds cool! I have to keep reminding myself that the kids don't know me. I taught their parents, And the last group I taught graduated last year. I know the people I work with, but I'm new to the kids and talking like I've been there forever. Glad I'm doing it but won't go back. The principal already asked me if I was coming back next year and I'm like, no! It's not all about money, but by the time you work over the amount Social security allows and driving back-and-forth and everything that goes with a job, It's not financially worth it to work full-time. Nor would it be to stop social security and pick it back up later.

2147. arkymalarky - 1/13/2024 2:05:51 AM

I see I said Most of that already but is true.

2148. vonKreedon - 1/13/2024 4:30:09 PM

How much can you make before it impacts your SS?

2149. arkymalarky - 1/14/2024 9:41:09 AM

Less than I thought unfortunately, $22,400. Agreed to take the job before I knew the amount. I'm not too much over Since it's only part of the year and I'm done the last day of school instead of doing summer inservice and all that, but They are gonna dock me two months is what they said.

2150. Ms. No - 1/17/2024 1:44:17 AM

So, not exactly good news, but certainly useful information that helps me make decisions.

My retirement benefits will only be enough to ensure that I can't collect the Social Security I paid into for 20+ years without paying an insupportable penalty. Nor will they be enough to live on if that had been my plan (it wasn't since I started teaching so late, but I still had hoped it would be better than what I was told last week.)

So, the useful news means that it doesn't make sense for me to stay in the classroom past when I want to leave. It won't increase my retirement much at all. So I can go ahead and start my transition plans and probably be out of the classroom within 3 or fewer years rather than 5 or more.

The next move is to get into the eligibility pool at the CA Dept. of Ed. and end up there for a couple of years as I build up my skills in Instructional Design, then do ID contract work and figure out if I can make enough to do nothing but that.

All stuff that I'm interested in without the stress and time-commitment of teaching. I can't even imagine going back to a job where I only work the hours I'm contracted for. Mind-boggling freedom and reclamation of my life and time!

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