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29231. vonKreedon - 1/1/2023 7:45:55 AM

Happy New Year, Arky, and all the Moties.

29232. Ms. No - 1/2/2023 8:54:46 PM

Happy New Year! Hope 2023 is awesome for you all!

I recently had a conversation with someone complaining about how someone's teenage son doesn't have any "real" friends because he spends so much time on a headset gaming with people he's never met. "They could be child predators and he'd never know!!"

Kid's been on a headset gaming with these same friends for more than 3 years. He'd have known long before now.

I couldn't believe that more than 20 years after the advent of online communities I'm still having this argument about what constitutes a "real" friendship. It struck me how different most of my online activity is from so many of my peers. They're very into social media --- but primarily with people they know in-person. I suppose it's still a rarity to have an extended friend group of people you might not recognize if you passed on the street but with whom you still share important events in your life.

Still glad for the presence of Moties in my life!

29233. vonKreedon - 1/4/2023 4:38:05 AM

Happy New Year, Ms. No!

29234. resonance - 9/11/2023 10:01:06 PM

Godspeed, Adrianne.

This community’s, what, 26 years old? Lotta things in the world have changed since then. Odd to think about how few are left from the old Fray days.

29235. vonKreedon - 9/17/2023 1:54:07 AM

Hey, Res! I am sorry to hear of Ad's death. Amazing that this space has such inertia that it keeps going.

29236. resonance - 9/17/2023 6:00:27 PM

Hello, VonK! The early Fray really was a rare and special kinda place. This is its graveyard I suppose.

Nothing lasts forever but it was fun. Seems like a lifetime ago, maybe two. I struggle to connect with the person I was back then. Like that old saying, no man crosses the same river twice, because the river will have changed and so too the man.

Well, glad at least one person’s still checking in now and again.

29237. Ms. No - 10/9/2023 3:30:17 AM

Sad news about Ad. I'm sorry to hear it, but it's good to see you Resonance. I hope you're well.

29238. resonance - 10/18/2023 8:47:51 PM

I probably qualify as ‘well’ in the ways that matter. World’s gone mad tho.


29239. Ms. No - 10/23/2023 5:02:44 PM

Ditto -- still teaching. Still in Sacramento. Still wondering wtaf is up with so many people in the world.

How in the hell did we let all these crazies take over? I mean, there have always been radicals and nutjobs, but the sheer volume of what-the-fuckery these days is just stupifying.

I wouldn't ever actually do it -- I'm too lazy and I like city living too much -- but I do have the odd daydream about living some bucolic life of communal hippiness way off the grid somewhere just making art and talking to feral cats or whatever.

29240. vonKreedon - 10/24/2023 2:10:53 AM

That sounds so good to me, given that I'd be in easy driving of Seattle and could regularly stay with friends in Seattle.

29241. Ms. No - 10/25/2023 11:57:10 PM

Right? That's the trick --- have a city-center home you can stay in when you want to be in town.

Mostly I think right now I'm just resentful of anything and anyone that needs any of my time or effort or attention when what I really want to do is pull some hard-core hermit-ing.

29242. vonKreedon - 12/25/2023 6:17:27 PM

Happy Christmas and New Year to all the Moties, may your New Year be blessed.

29243. arkymalarky - 12/25/2023 11:25:20 PM

Merry christmas and happy new year and all the other holidays Motebuds!

29244. arkymalarky - 12/25/2023 11:26:34 PM

Great to see you vonK!

Keoni called us yesterday and we had a great conversation. he sounded really good.

29245. Ms. No - 1/5/2024 8:27:46 PM

Happy New Year!

Arky -- that's good to hear. I need to call him and chat --- hell, I need to call YOU and chat! What's your weekend like? I go back to school on Monday, so I'm squeezing every last bit of relaxing and catching up with friends I can out of these couple of days.

29246. arkymalarky - 1/13/2024 1:56:56 AM

Hey, No! got a little hectic. But if you got any time this weekend mine is wide open.

29247. arkymalarky - 1/13/2024 2:08:00 AM

Oh, and forgot to tell y'all, especially Wabbit, that Hobo died in October. He was almost 16, sweetest boy. We got a card from the vet that everyone signed because they all loved him there.

29248. vonKreedon - 1/13/2024 4:28:43 PM

So sorry for the loss of you loved animal friend, Arky.

29249. arkymalarky - 1/14/2024 9:35:55 AM

Oh thank you vonK! My daughter found him as a stray. She and I worked together and she Lived a few miles way. So she was in front of me driving home and saw a litter of puppies on the side of the road, and I'm like Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop and she stopped and there were several. we gave them all away and kept him. We think he was half coyote. He was the best watch dog and companion. He stayed in the house last few months of his life and was a good house dog too. Everybody at the vet came to say bye to him When Stan took him for the last time. It was as good a life and death for a little stray Animal as you could possibly want.

29250. Ms. No - 1/17/2024 12:10:32 AM

Hobo did have a good life, but I know you'll miss him. I've got a picture of him still from the last time I was out....ten years ago? Has it been that long? I can't believe that.

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