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11625. arkymalarky - 10/6/2015 11:38:55 PM

Looking at a lot of the kids I've taught, it frankly surprises me that more don't do that. I've had kids grow up to be fine who I would have never imagined based on what I knew of their families and their parents and what they were exposed to through various media and real life.

11626. arkymalarky - 10/6/2015 11:42:07 PM

I've had kids who I truly thought were dangerous, some I still think are dangerous. A lot of times people know that these kids are troubled, including their parents, but they really have no idea what to do about it because there's so little recourse. The American mental health system is a tragic joke.

11627. judithathome - 10/8/2015 6:41:14 PM

Breaking News: Kevin McCarthy just withdrew his name as candidate for Speaker of the House. Couldn't get 218 votes for the speakership...

11628. arkymalarky - 10/8/2015 7:09:06 PM


11629. Ms. No - 10/9/2015 10:30:28 PM

I was listening to some Representative this morning on NPR -- I don't remember the name, but he's part of the "Freedom" caucus or whatever -- and he was going on about how they (the conservative Republican Reps) don't need a Speaker who is ideologically the same as them, just someone willing to let all the factions have a voice. Apparently the Boehner & McCarthy were shutting them out and not letting them be heard and that's why they haven't been able to legislate.

Yeah, the Republican party's problem is that the far-right conservatives aren't being heard.


And these guys really believe they are persecuted. Totally disconnected from reality.

11630. arkymalarky - 10/10/2015 2:13:30 AM

Yeah, I'm listening to them right now. The Republicans created this monster. Now they're going to have to see if they can possibly contain it.

11631. Ms. No - 10/10/2015 3:02:56 AM

What's that saying about if you raise a vicious dog expect to get bit?

11632. arkymalarky - 10/10/2015 6:28:06 AM

And they've gerrymandered in such a way that the lunatics will never give up the asylum

11633. judithathome - 10/10/2015 7:15:29 PM

I hear these sniveling assholes every single day and I hope it keeps up...right until they get Dems to come in and get a new speaker elected WITHOUT their votes.

That can easily happen...listen, jerkoffs, you may have come to DC to get your way and only your way but that's not how the constitution works...you know, that document you so often allude to....

I'm so sick of these fools coming to Congress and doing NOTHING...you get better pay, better perks, more "vacation time", and all you do is bitch about wanting to tear down the entity that is giving you all this...for NOT doing YOUR jobs.

And to a man, you ALL gripe and moan about the WELFARE STATE.

11634. arkymalarky - 10/10/2015 11:21:40 PM

I've noticed in real life that the people who bitch the most about the welfare state are often the biggest slugs, and most of them draw a government paycheck of some form or other. I detest having them as colleagues. They're often deadweights who try to shift work other people when sponsoring classes or clubs. They're loads of fun when you have to test with them. One got mad at me a couple of years ago when I wouldn't switch with him and read a test out loud to a student after he told me I was so much better at that than he was. Yeah right. Having them as relatives is really no fun either. To my aunt, for example: You live off your husband's military retirement and social security, you never worked a day in your life, quit bitching about people who don't have jobs and are sucking money from the state. I love her, I do, but damn. I'm having a real problem finding these people's version of the New Testament. They sure seem to hate poor people.

11635. judithathome - 10/11/2015 6:53:49 PM

Well, I could be your aunt except for the bitching about poor people! Ha!

But face it, SS is money people earned during their working careers as is military retirement...I doubt you'd get many long timers to STAY in the military if it weren't for the retirement and health care benefits.

11636. arkymalarky - 10/11/2015 8:35:20 PM

she complains about people who are exactly like her. It never occurs to her that they got theirs the exact same way she got hers.

11637. arkymalarky - 10/11/2015 8:42:53 PM

She's like the people who tell the government to keep its hands off their Medicare.

11638. judithathome - 10/11/2015 9:23:31 PM

...riiight...while shaking their Medicare-issued canes in the air!!!

11639. judithathome - 12/3/2015 12:31:21 AM

Another mass shooting today in San Bernardino....so far this year, we've had more mass shootings in this country thus far than days in the year.

11640. iiibbb - 12/3/2015 8:59:38 PM

Kind ironic that a terrorist mass shooting in this country is indistinguishable from any typical mass shooting.

11641. judithathome - 12/3/2015 9:37:37 PM

Well, the Republicans have hit paydirt with this last one...a mass shooting with terrorist ties. Now all we need is to find out the shooters had been to mental health counseling and Ted Cruz & Co. have hit the trifecta.

11642. iiibbb - 12/3/2015 9:50:07 PM

Only took them like 6 tries?

11643. judithathome - 12/3/2015 10:59:13 PM

No shit!

11644. judithathome - 12/5/2015 9:24:53 PM

Something posted on my forum at AbleMinds:

Incase you don't know what's happening in the middle east.

President Assad ( who is bad ) is a nasty guy who got so nasty his people rebelled and the Rebels ( who are good ) started winning ( Hurrah!).
But then some of the rebels turned a bit nasty and are now called Islamic State ( who are definitely bad!) and some continued to support democracy ( who are still good.)

So the Americans ( who are good ) started bombing Islamic State ( who are bad ) and giving arms to the Syrian Rebels ( who are good ) so they could fight Assad ( who is still bad ) which was good.
By the way, there is a breakaway state in the north run by the Kurds who want to fight IS ( which is a good thing ) but the Turkish authorities think they are bad, so we have to say they are bad whilst secretly thinking they're good and giving them guns to fight IS (which is good) but that is another matter.

Getting back to Syria.
So President Putin ( who is bad, cos he invaded Crimea and the Ukraine and killed lots of folks including that nice Russian man in London with polonium poisoned sushi ) has decided to back Assad ( who is still bad ) by attacking IS ( who are also bad ) which is sort of a good thing?

But Putin ( still bad ) thinks the Syrian Rebels ( who are good ) are also bad, and so he bombs them too, much to the annoyance of the Americans ( who are good ) who are busy backing and arming the rebels ( who are also good).

Now Iran ( who used to be bad, but now they have agreed not to build any nuclear weapons and bomb Israel are now good ) are going to provide ground troops to support Assad ( still bad ) as are the Russians ( bad ) who now have ground troops and aircraft in Syria.

So a Coalition of Assad ( still bad ) Putin ( extra bad ) and the Iranians ( good, but in a bad sort of way ) are going to attack IS ( who are bad ) which is a good thing, but also the Syrian Rebels ( who are good ) which is bad.

Now the British ( obviously good, except that nice Mr Corbyn in the corduroy jacket, who is probably bad ) and the Americans ( also good ) cannot attack Assad ( still bad ) for fear of upsetting Putin ( bad ) and Iran ( good / bad) and now they have to accept that Assad might not be that bad after all compared to IS ( who are super bad).


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