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9724. Trillium - 9/18/2016 1:04:57 PM

U.S. broke the ceasefire in Syria "by mistake" and appears once again to be supporting the cause of ISIS (or ISIL or whatever you want to call the homophobic, misogynist Muslim supremacist psychopaths who are mass murdering in Syria).

This topic could also be posted under US Politics -- because it appears to many *outside* the Hillary/Obama camp that our government wishes to provoke a war with Russia (see Ukraine and Syria). Don't know about you, but I do not want war. I also find it deplorable that we, our nation, have armed and protected ISIS. I have enough relatives in Germany to know what it feels like when the lies and coverups come crashing down. Think about how you want to explain your silence

WPTV News Samantha Power

9725. arkymalarky - 9/18/2016 3:08:48 PM

Why the air quotes? Interesting how much your post reveals that you don't say. I thought Samantha Power did a good job laying out what has been going on. I guess you're just fine with Russia's hacks?

9726. Trillium - 9/25/2016 6:51:51 PM

A nail bomb. Nasty.

UK media report at the link suggests that the Budapest terror attack may be a false flag politicized activity.

Noteworthy that "false flag" is almost never suggested by mainstream media about the many ongoing U.S. assaults. Small fry openly wonder about that possibility because statistically there has been an unusual spike of murderous incidents in the U.S. during the last few years (excluding ongoing gang warfare). Boston, Roseburg/Umpqua Community College, Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Waco, Cascade Mall etc.; and overseas, Paris (twice), Brussels Airport, Munich, the attempt on the high speed train etc.

Hungarian commenters do not seem to buy into the suggestion that this nail bomb was the work of Orban.

Nail bomb explodes in Budapest

9727. Trillium - 9/25/2016 6:54:14 PM

Hm. Link doesn't work. Try again

Budapest bombing

9728. arkymalarky - 9/25/2016 7:08:40 PM

Wow. We were Trump trolled as I was posting about being trump trolled.


9729. arkymalarky - 9/25/2016 7:09:06 PM

Oops. Wrong thread. ;)

9730. Trillium - 12/6/2016 6:49:42 PM

Xinjiang uprising and violence

"A Han Chinese businesswoman from Kashgar, which administers Yarkand, said that more than 1,000 people, including Hans and Uyghurs, could have died from the violence which she charged was caused by armed Uyghurs.

"If you add up our own [Han casualties] with the gangsters, including those of us who died for no reason, it's more than 1,000," she told RFA’s Mandarin Service.

"It’s because a lot of the East Turkestanis … attacked people with great, big chopping knives," she said, referring to the Uyghurs. “It's a bit like Iraq over here.”

"Some of them were local Uyghurs from around here, while some were from overseas," the businesswoman said, adding, "We have five border crossings to Pakistan around here."

Many Uyghurs refer to Xinjiang as East Turkestan, as the region had come under Chinese control following two short-lived East Turkestan republics in the 1930s and 1940s."

9731. Trillium - 1/10/2017 7:37:06 AM

Interesting prediction from Deutsche Bank
CNBC projects GDP growth under new administration

9732. arkymalarky - 1/10/2017 8:30:07 PM

Deutsche Bank and Trump

9733. judithathome - 1/10/2017 9:37:42 PM

Arky, to read more than the teaser first paragraph of that article, you have to subscribe...

9734. arkymalarky - 1/10/2017 9:49:19 PM

For the reason I posted it that's all that it takes.

9735. arkymalarky - 1/10/2017 9:57:16 PM

You can also google and get similar info elsewhere, inclucing DB issues. I was reading about it the other day.

9736. judithathome - 1/10/2017 10:19:00 PM

I've known about the Deutsche Bank and BAnk if China debts for a long time...back when he had his first Republican debate...I was surprised no one on that panel of upstanding Republicans brought it up.

Then again, I wasn't because I think they secretly either admired him and/or thought he'd have no chance, anyhow.

9737. judithathome - 1/10/2017 10:19:42 PM

Before we know it, he'll sell the Statue of Liberty to Vlad...

9738. Trillium - 1/12/2017 6:57:59 PM


Huge deployment of US Troops to Poland and Baltic states today

9739. judithathome - 1/13/2017 10:43:44 PM

Here's a hyperlink to that story: Troops Enter Poland

9740. Trillium - 1/14/2017 1:30:16 PM

Interesting article that refers to "Kaliningrad", formerly "Königsberg"


"Königsberg...renamed Kaliningrad...was the easternmost large city in Germany until it was captured by the Soviet Union on 9 April 1945, near the end of World War II.

"A university city...Königsberg developed into an important German intellectual and cultural centre, being the residence of Simon Dach, Immanuel Kant, Käthe Kollwitz, E. T. A. Hoffmann, David Hilbert, Agnes Miegel, Hannah Arendt, Michael Wieck and others."

That poor city experienced a monster ethnic cleansing at the end of WWII. I've had nightmares from secondhand stories about the 1945 evacuation of Königsberg that I heard when I was younger. I hope the small fry residents are not scheduled for more violence at the hands of distant political powers

9741. Trillium - 1/14/2017 1:50:24 PM

Metgethen was a suburb of Konigsberg
Metgethen 1945

Nemmersdorf was a nearby town
Nemmersdorf 1945

Cuban-born Human Rights attorney Alfred de Zayas was willing to investigate the war crimes Alfred de Zayas

9742. arkymalarky - 1/14/2017 9:54:04 PM

interesting note on de zayas in this

"I hope the small fry residents are not scheduled for more violence at the hands of distant political powers"

Who? Can you be more specific wrt your concerns?

9743. Trillium - 1/14/2017 11:25:10 PM

Interesting article which casts shade on de Zayas because he describes Germans as "victims". Many Germans *were* victims. A former German national who had been a prisoner of war in Russia (at age 16) began to cry as he tried to begin to describe it, then broke down even trying to begin to communicate about it. I felt horrible for even being close to the topic that triggered his PTSD.

In general, people don't want to hear stories from the "wrong" nationality. Those who want to hear the gory details of Auschwitz/Buna often don't want to know what happened to ordinary people elsewhere in Dresden, Nemmersdorf, etc. It is awful to be powerless and condemned to be silent about your witness to atrocity.

I disagree with de Zayas about Israel. Then again I disagree with quite a number of academics and religious leaders who also want to make Israel into the "bad guy" while ignoring the rest of the violent neighborhood.

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