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29137. arkymalarky - 3/15/2020 5:09:21 PM

Thanks Wabbit. This has been a hard one. My side by side buddy for almost 15 years and she was doing great. Just got pneumonia and went down so fast. Vet was trying to get the fluid off her lungs when she died.

How are you doing in this pandemic? Finally got my parents squared away with their doctors and groceries and we're all staying home for at least two weeks.

29138. arkymalarky - 3/15/2020 7:49:46 PM

Trying to get all my pictures and everything organized, and have those sketches on the pc wanting to get things printed and framed in the house now that I'm retired. Hobo still looks just like your sketches of him. He misses Mazie, but he's taken advantage of being the only dog and slipping in the house like a cat here lately

29139. Ms. No - 3/16/2020 1:19:57 AM

Ha, that's him to a T.

I'm delivering a pot of chili to a friend who was hospitalized with Guillain Barre Syndrome for six weeks. She's home now, but still not up to snuff and her husband has Type II Diabetes and dealing with kidney issues.

Tomorrow I'm walking a friend's dogs and doing a grocery run for her while she's laid up with a leg/foot injury.

In the meantime, I bought a new car for the first time in 20 years just yesterday. I got a Toyota RAV4 and it's wonderful to sit up high enough to see over parked cars at intersections.

But the thing I love most is being able to stream my music from my phone and the hands free calling. It's pretty dang cool.

Oh, and the space to haul crap from IKEA and Home Depot. I've got plans for a major bookcase addition and there was no way I could have managed it before without renting a van/truck.

I will miss the Mitsubishi, though. A long and faithful relationship, but it finally died ---- bearings in the engine are toasted. My mechanic called me and told me to dig a hole. :-)

29140. Ms. No - 3/16/2020 1:21:16 AM

Hope you all are well and enjoying the simple life at home. I'll be doing house projects, yard work, and curriculum building. Kind of excited about mapping out the contract grading parameters for next year's English course.

29141. arkymalarky - 3/16/2020 7:09:19 AM

Oh congratulations MsNo! RAV4s are super. How long will y'all be out or do you know yet?

29142. Ms. No - 3/17/2020 6:10:44 AM

Right now they're saying till March 27 --- that's two weeks --- but the districts around us are all out for 4 - 5, so we'll see what happens.

Our idiot district is having all classified and administrative staff go back in tomorrow until whenever. It's ridiculous and dangerous. Who exactly are instructional aides going to assist when there are no teachers there? Who is the attendance clerk going to count? What sort of administrative stuff is going to be going on that our office manager and principal need to be there?

I can understand having custodial staff go about deep-cleaning, and we certainly need some of the kitchens to be open to feed children who only eat at school, but the rest of it is just plain idiocy. It's like they can't stand it that we're getting paid to "do nothing."

Those people also need to be able to stay home with their children who can't go to school!

I'll guaran-damn-tee that our district office staff aren't going into work. WTF would they be doing all day??

Certainly they haven't been busting their asses to update the website or send out timely emails to families and staff.

Yet another sign of the incompetence of our district leadership.

29143. arkymalarky - 3/17/2020 5:49:12 PM

Sounds like Mose's District. She loves her school but the district and the city are awful. They haven't even announced whether they're going to close they're on spring break right now, but the mayor flat-out lied and said he can't let people know about tests and positive or negative that he said there is zero negative. That's a straight-up lie unless they're not testing anybody at all which wouldn't surprise me. She responded to the mayor's statement with a link to Arkansas's map that tells every county that's been testing and the rate of positives and negatives for every County

29144. Ms. No - 3/18/2020 4:22:05 AM

Go Mose! Truth to power, girl!

Just got word that our Governor - Gavin Newsom - has said that it's likely California schools will not reopen again this school year.

My house is going to be so clean. My yard delicious.

Or I'll just come to the end of the containment weighing 400 lbs with nothing left in my Netflix queue. ;->

29145. arkymalarky - 3/18/2020 8:24:41 AM

LOL. Stan and I are both retired and we are being slugs already three days into this self distancing lifestyle which, since we already live in the country, we've been doing that. It's like why are we behaving like slugs just cuz everything's shutting down. Our lives are no different day to day from what they were before

29146. Ms. No - 3/20/2020 7:15:09 AM

Yeah, I'm looking at this like retirement-preview, only with less travel and hanging with friends.

I did take a nice drive yesterday for about 3 hours. I figured I'd go to the DMV in Jackson about 50 miles away rather than the one near my house where people start lining up in the morning at 7am.

I walked in and was looking for where I should take a number and I get "Ma'am? Ma'am? I can help you right here."

29147. Ms. No - 3/24/2020 5:19:26 AM

And so this happened....

29148. Ms. No - 3/24/2020 5:22:31 AM

His name is Cisco and he's a 9 week old Border Collie. This is mostly what he does right now.

Quarantine has clearly made me crazy.

29149. arkymalarky - 3/24/2020 2:09:56 PM

Oh MsNo!! I'm SO happy for you!! I have been looking in here to see if anyone has posted about their status, worrying about how it's going, and I'm so glad you have a new pal to spend this with! And a border collie too! That's really wonderful.

I am getting another little doxie, born March 21, naming him Bodhi. The first indoor boy I've ever had. I will get him May 15, so no snuggle bunny for all this (no, Stan doesn't count). But the woman I'm getting him from sent pics I look at when it's getting too much.

Haven't seen anyone other than Stan and Spook since we went to the drive-up window at the bank a week ago yesterday. Icky weather but today should be better. I hope everyone else is okay and stays safe.

29150. arkymalarky - 3/24/2020 2:10:44 PM

Love the name, too.

29151. Ms. No - 3/24/2020 5:18:17 PM

Can't wait to see Bodhi! That's something to look forward to, for sure.

My brother and sister-in-law and nephew are planning to come up tomorrow for five or six days. It'll be nice to have folks in. It's also good motivation for me to clean house and stop living like a cave person. ;->

Started calling my students yesterday, will hopefully get all the calls finished today. Working on putting together online activities. Need to do a DoodlePoll to find out when kids are available to "chat" in a group.

29152. arkymalarky - 3/24/2020 6:33:53 PM

That's great! I haven't seen my parents in a week and a half and won't see my grandson for who-knows-how-long but now I'm worried because Mose said he's sick today with fever even though he hasn't been out of the house and yard for two weeks. So just worrying all around has been no fun.

Mose's been working online but since she's a librarian she hasn't met with kids yet but I think she's going to. Don't know when. They gave them all free internet Citywide so they can all get online

29153. arkymalarky - 3/24/2020 6:37:25 PM

This is a link to Bodhi. That's the day he was born and she named him Quincy for the papers but she's going to change them. She left the page up for me to look at. She's on her way to retiring so she doesn't have any other puppies right now but the parents looked so much like Mazie it wasn't even funny. I found her trying to find mazie's parents because I couldn't find her papers. But we just bought Mazie from a family who had bred their own family dog.


Sorry for not having the tags but I'm on my phone and it takes a little while sometimes since I can't Voice to Text tags.

29154. Ms. No - 3/25/2020 3:39:34 AM

Oh my goodness he's the sweetest little nugget! I love the picture of him on his back with all his paws in the air. He's adorable!

This virus has us all so spooked, we forget that there are plenty of other ills around. Here's hoping the kiddo has something mild and short.

29155. arkymalarky - 3/25/2020 7:09:17 PM

Thanks! I hate having to wait 8 weeks to get him but he was supposed to be born April 1st so I'm going to get him sooner than I thought originally.

Little Tyke is good now, already playing again, but the whole fam is under quarantine because son-in-law went in for a meeting and one of the people there had recently been visiting a friend who now has Coronavirus and son-in-law was on his keyboard helping with something. But that was a week ago he just found out yesterday, so good news bad news is he's only under quarantine for another week before he finds out whether he's got it or not. Not Getting tested. This is a nightmare.

29156. arkymalarky - 3/25/2020 7:19:23 PM

Fwiw I think they're fine, but it infuriates me that idiots are putting careful people at risk. They're religious about washing their hands and clothes and sanitizing everything so son-in-law likely didn't bring any virus home and if he did their protocols at home would have likely kept it from infecting anyone but it's just the worry and stress that's so unnecessary because someone didn't do what he was supposed to.

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