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29211. Ms. No - 1/4/2022 9:37:14 PM

Happy New Year -- I spent the second half of winter break sick with a cold, but I'm thankful it wasn't Covid. So many teachers and kids out right now. Our principal and office manager both are out for the full week.

Hope you all are well and that 2022 brings excellent things!

29212. arkymalarky - 3/12/2022 5:59:34 AM

Despite it all 2022 feels like it's going to be a house cleaning of a lot of things that have festered too long. But personally Dad is now in a nursing home, mom has covid (hopefully will be ok--caught it from vaxxed not boosted niece) and Stan had 4 bypass surgery-- fully recovered. Mose and her family great tho.

29213. Ms. No - 3/16/2022 12:41:07 AM

Oh my goodness, that's a lot! Best wishes for a full recovery for your mom. Glad to hear Stan is doing well and MoseFam. I know you must be varyingly relieved and sad about your Dad.

29214. arkymalarky - 3/18/2022 1:20:45 AM

Thanks. It is, but now Dad and I both have covid. :(

29215. Ms. No - 3/18/2022 11:13:19 PM

well fuckety.

get well soon!

29216. Seamus - 4/30/2022 12:52:25 PM

arky, I hope all are recovering well.

29217. Ms. No - 5/8/2022 5:43:34 PM

Seamus! Good to see you, man!

29218. Ms. No - 9/28/2022 11:02:51 PM

I have some sad news, Moties. I just got a call from Keoni that our dear Judith passed away this morning.

Her sharp mind, her humor, and her generosity were a gift in my life. I will be missing my friend for a long time.

29219. arkymalarky - 9/29/2022 2:42:45 AM

Some of mine and Stan's best memories are of pleasant hours on our porch, great conversations, breakfasts and coffee with not a clock in sight. Judith had a wonderful way of making you appreciate being in the moment.

29220. arkymalarky - 9/29/2022 2:48:48 AM

Seamus! Hate the circumstances, but lovely to see you. Hope you're well!

29221. wabbit - 9/29/2022 12:29:52 PM

Oh, I am so sad to hear this news. Judith was so honest and kind. I was fortunate enough to have met her and recall a splendid afternoon of antiquing and general "junk shop" meandering with JaH and Arky, Judith had such an eye. I feel very sorry for Keoni, they were quite a couple.

Sigh. We're getting older.

29222. Ms. No - 9/29/2022 5:30:09 PM

Wabbit - it's good to see you even though the circumstances are sad. Drop me a line at my gmail when you get a chance. I'd love to catch up.

29223. arkymalarky - 9/29/2022 5:44:10 PM

Don't know if it was that trip or another that I was admiring a simple vintage chandelier and Judith arranged with my daughter to get it for me and it's hanging in our dining room.

29224. vonKreedon - 10/4/2022 10:38:22 PM

So very sorry to hear of Judith's death. More and more people I know die, one of the big downsides of aging. OTOH, one of the advantages of aging is that I haven't died.

29225. arkymalarky - 10/14/2022 7:41:20 PM

Hey VonK.

Just wanted to stop in and let everyone know my dad passed away on Wednesday. He went peacefully and kept conscious and talking up until the last few minutes. I'll miss him, But you can't ask for a more full and high quality life than what he had.

29226. vonKreedon - 10/15/2022 3:16:39 PM

My heart goes out to you, Arky, for your inevitable loss. Happy it was a good death.

29227. Ms. No - 10/25/2022 3:44:21 AM

Arky - yes, he did have a full and wonderful life. And of course his magnificent brain kept going until the last minute. Sad for your mom and you and the fam. I'll be thinking of you all.

29228. vonKreedon - 11/24/2022 9:31:25 PM

Happy US Thanksgiving everyone!

29229. vonKreedon - 12/25/2022 6:03:04 AM

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas you all.

29230. arkymalarky - 1/1/2023 7:03:19 AM

Happy new year Mote peeps! hope it's best one yet for all y'all!🍾🥂

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