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10060. robertjayb - 6/27/2004 6:45:47 AM

So, Arky, I guess we won't be able to see you for lunch when we pass through on the way to Wisconsin. Maybe you could leave a little something in the fridge...

10061. judithathome - 6/27/2004 6:47:23 AM

Robert, when are you going to Wisconsin? It would be worth it to delay the trip so you could stop by Arky's on the weekend of the big bash.

10062. arkymalarky - 6/27/2004 6:48:25 AM

Ooooooh, don't tell me I won't be here and y'all are coming through! If there's any possibility, let me know.

10063. arkymalarky - 6/27/2004 6:49:13 AM

What Judith said!

10064. Magoseph - 6/27/2004 8:48:50 PM

Hello, everyone. We had an earthquake last night, 4.5 on the scale, which seems to have put some sense in the weather—beautiful days ahead for us for a change. I spent most of yesterday reading “My Life” at my son’s house, hiding from undesirable impromptu visitors at my house. When you live in a resort area, some people just assume that they can stop by any time they wish.

How were your weekends, Ali and Mac?

10065. Macnas - 6/27/2004 9:35:04 PM


We had a day out on Saturday, I'm going to post an account in Escapes, just for fun.

10066. judithathome - 6/27/2004 10:46:53 PM

And such a bonney job you've done of that one! Excellent story and visual description, Mac. You should write full time.

I loved "empty as hasty promises" and the trees talking to each other.

10067. Absensia - 6/27/2004 11:39:23 PM

Morning! Another beautiful day here.

Magos, glad the weather is finally turning decent for you! I hope your "guests" went home at a decent hour."

10068. judithathome - 6/27/2004 11:45:40 PM

Happy Birthday, Abs!!

10069. Magoseph - 6/28/2004 12:12:19 AM

Flam, they were gone by the time I came back from my son's place. Happy birthday! What are your plans for today?

10070. judithathome - 6/28/2004 12:20:32 AM

We got the estimate from the insurance company and it looks like enough to me to do the entire roof over. My roofer will come by later today and let me know if that is so.

We are going to have 5 days of rain, however, so I may not be getting my roof very soon.

It won't get past 90° this entire week. It's the mosy freakishly cool June we've had in decades. Usually by this time and certainly by July 4th, we've already has several 100°+ days.

10071. Magoseph - 6/28/2004 1:15:21 AM

It'll be around 70 all week, but with isolated T'storms later.
Juds, how do you make this tiny o in order to denote the degree?

10072. Absensia - 6/28/2004 1:16:04 AM

Thanks, Mago. It's going to be a quiet day. Going out to dinner later with friends. My son took me out yesterday and we're going out again this week to see Control Room. My family is having a celebration on Thursday for all four of us who have b'days around this time.

Judith, if the insurance company's going to spring for a new roof, that has to be good news! Are you complaining that the weather will be under 90 degrees? That would be good news to me!

10073. arkymalarky - 6/28/2004 9:59:58 AM

Happy birthday Abs!

We've had rainy and cool weather, but the last several Junes have been like that. Today was the hottest it's been, but it's rainy again now.

I've been swamped all day and haven't even packed yet. But I'm telling everyone that anyone who's behind that van when I get ready to leave in the morning will be dead meat. I have got to get away from here. It's non-stop. I've been on the phone almost constantly the past two days. The whole idea of summer break for teachers has just become a joke, partly because we got five days added to our inservice requirements as part of the brilliant (hack, cough) legislation that was passed in the special session. That and all the new laws that kick in July 1 and the local issues have everyone scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off.

I gave two work/reform-related people my cabin phone number and they assured me they wouldn't use it unless it was an emergency (not that I requested that--they just feel the same way).

10074. wabbit - 6/28/2004 10:10:26 AM

Happy birthday, Abs!

And Arky, enjoy your vacation!

10075. arkymalarky - 6/28/2004 10:14:00 AM

Thanks Wabbit! I'm already basking in the prospect of it, now that my local obligations have been taken care of. I actually like packing--kind of like Mole in Wind in the Willows, it beats the hell out of unpacking.

10076. alistairConnor - 6/28/2004 7:52:41 PM

Spent most of the weekend laying tiles in the stable -- that has been my main pastime all spring, it seems.

When I called the tiler a few months ago, and described the job to him, he said it sounded like ten days' work, and maybe November.

So I realised I had to do it myself. I might have found another tiler, but not one I trusted, and a ten-day job is a big budget. And there's nothing very complicated about it.

So everything else has been on hold, and I've been laying tiles most weekends.

Laying big (33cm square) ceramic tiles on a concrete slab is the easiest thing in the world, or it would be with a rectangular room with no obstacles.... The stable is an interesting room, with an island kitchen, bathroom, ancient stone walls, and seven pillars holding the roof up. These pillars, actually tree trunks, are sitting on river stones which emerge from the concrete slab.

Plenty of work, artistic curves with a diamond disc.

10077. Macnas - 6/28/2004 8:36:13 PM

Is the floor level?

10078. alistairConnor - 6/28/2004 9:46:12 PM

Pretty much. It's that fancy self-levelling concrete, you just pump it in through a hose and leave it to set. In practice, this gives you a surface of poor quality, compared to a properly screeded, trowelled, etc slab, but it's fine for laying tiles on. Except for a few lumps where the cat nearly drowned in it etc.

10079. Macnas - 6/28/2004 10:31:44 PM

I'd bet it took a ton of the stuff.

Are you putting down plain tiles or patterned? I've always liked black and white.

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