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46194. iiibbb - 2/14/2016 12:12:27 AM

Scalia is dead

46195. judithathome - 2/14/2016 12:14:52 AM

Breaking News!!!

Antonin Scalia has just died. LINK

46196. judithathome - 2/14/2016 12:15:13 AM


46197. winstonsmith - 2/14/2016 12:23:41 AM

Oh man, as if this presidential election cycle wasn't already overheated. This is going to be a dreadful, nasty, fight.

46198. winstonsmith - 2/14/2016 12:30:48 AM

Yes, Judith, I agree, plenty of people must have seen what address they were sending to and had been aware. I think Clinton even stated long ago that agencies had been notified that she was using it.

46199. arkymalarky - 2/14/2016 1:04:50 AM

Hm. Wow. Scalia is dead.

46200. arkymalarky - 2/14/2016 1:05:28 AM

Oh, I see posted already.

46201. arkymalarky - 2/14/2016 1:08:11 AM

It wasn't a practice unique to her. And nothing was categorized as secret at the time it was sent. Retroactively categotizing this stuff is muddying the waters.

46202. Ms. No - 2/14/2016 1:33:43 AM

If only there were time for Obama to get a nomination through.

46203. arkymalarky - 2/14/2016 3:01:22 AM

It Would be the longest delay yet, and Obama is brilliant. If the gop tries to stonewall and president trump selects it will be a nightmare of their own making. They aren't getting a nominee for pres they can Control. Rubio killed that for them.

46204. robertjayb - 2/14/2016 8:22:27 PM

excellent tweet...

Antonin Scalia requested cremation in his will, but millions of women will meet tomorrow to discuss if that’s really best for his body.

46205. arkymalarky - 2/14/2016 8:39:17 PM

Onion headline: Justice Scalia died after a thirty year battle with social progress.

46206. judithathome - 2/15/2016 12:35:23 AM

Elizabeth Warren teaches the repubs about the Constitution

Senator Warren said in a statement, "Senator McConnell is right that the American people should have a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court justice. In fact, they did - when President Obama won the 2012 election by five million votes."

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced that he would lead Republicans in obstructing President Obama yet again, this time by leading his party to abdicate their Constitutional duties, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reminded McConnell that President Obama’s will is the will of the people and that he won by five million votes.

Then Warren proceeded to remind McConnell about that thing Republicans are always claiming to worship – the Constitution, specifically Article II, “Article II Section 2 of the Constitution says the President of the United States nominates justices to the Supreme Court, with the advice and consent of the Senate.”

Wait for it…

“I can’t find a clause that says ‘…except when there’s a year left in the term of a Democratic President.'”

Yet again, republicans are cherry picking from the Constitution, or in this case, making up lies, just as they do with the Bible.

(Thanks to my Aussie friend, Striker Davies, who posted this on my forum...)

46207. Trillium - 2/15/2016 2:47:12 AM

For many people, there is a credibility problem with "five million" voters from either party. At some point nothing is convincing or believable, over too many ethical violations.

Following link is a Republican voter fraud example from Texas. Would Democrats do this? Maybe you don't think so. But...

Jade Stanford allegation of ballot screwup
ES&S acknowledges computer malfunction

46208. arkymalarky - 2/15/2016 6:44:42 AM

Who are these many people? Inquiring minds want to know.

46209. arkymalarky - 2/15/2016 6:46:40 AM

I noticed they were also concerned about Hillary's emails. They seem a very nervous bunch.

46210. arkymalarky - 2/15/2016 6:53:52 AM

First they came for the Religious Right, but I said nothing because I didn't like Falwell either. Then they came for the birthers, but I said nothing because anything to keep Trump out of the White House, then they came for the Freepers....

46211. iiibbb - 2/15/2016 6:35:02 PM

They also came for some of the Mormon recently... but the Mormons were armed and at least one had a death wish.

46212. judithathome - 2/16/2016 1:01:48 AM

So Trump is hinting he may go Independent if the Republicans don't treat him "fairly"....hello, Ralph Nadar time!

46213. Trillium - 2/16/2016 7:55:56 AM

Mormons appear to be highly active, politically

Reid tells BYU crowd that socially responsible Dems mirror Mormon values
By Sheena McFarland
The Salt Lake Tribune
Published October 9, 2007 1:41 pm

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told Brigham Young University students...'My faith and political beliefs are deeply intertwined. I am a Democrat because I am a Mormon, not in spite of it,' he told a gathering of over 4,000 at the Marriott Center.

"But Nevada's senior senator says he also hopes votes for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are "determined by his political stands, and not his religion."

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