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47151. fromTX - 11/19/2017 9:49:44 PM

...that cheesy picture of Manuchin and his doxy wife at the US Mint holding the sheet of dollar bills: it should have been captioned, "These "ones" are for YOU!"

edit: I think from here on out, when we come into possession of paper money with his name on it, we should mark through his signature. Just a thin line with ballpoint pen...a blue ballpoint.

(this is wabbit posting for JaH)

47152. winstonsmith - 11/19/2017 11:36:29 PM

Ha! I like the idea of crossing out his name.

47153. Ms. No - 11/20/2017 9:34:35 PM

I think that is an awesome idea!

Can we start a social media campaign?

47154. wabbit - 1/6/2018 11:39:43 PM

Those who know me, picture me doing my very best Valley Girl...omg, I don't know why people diss the prez, he's, like, really smart.

omg, gag me with a spoon, could this narcissistic twit be more insecure?

47155. arkymalarky - 1/8/2018 12:26:44 AM

I've never seen anything like it in the way the Republicans are beginning to respond to it in Congress is starting to be a huge concern. I can't Envision anybody seeing him any other way than described in that book, and when people claim that they do I just assume they think that whatever it takes to get their agenda no matter what. They don't care about their country they don't care about their friends and family all they care about controlling everything by whatever means necessary to get whatever they want. Thinking of all of that, I wonder where our Little Soviet troll went to?

47156. Ms. No - 1/8/2018 6:41:31 PM

I have completely abandoned the news. I just keep my head down as much as I can and ignore it. I know that doesn't mean it goes away, but for my mental and emotional health, I just can't watch.

I have more immediate concerns to occupy my time ---- finally closed on the new house!

47157. robertjayb - 2/17/2018 10:00:18 PM

There is an amazing timeline at billmoyers.com which blew what little of my mind the flu has not yet savaged. It is a lengthy post but worth scrolling through. At least for this junkie. Paired with Mueller's indictment it tells quite a story of The Donald's big adventure.

47158. robertjayb - 2/17/2018 10:06:29 PM

text of the indictment:


47159. arkymalarky - 2/19/2018 5:03:45 PM

Robert! You take care of yourself. Lately all I can think is that it's become obvious this is a battle royale between mueller and Putin. This indictment shows that, and the Turning of gates and how everything is rolling out from muellers investigation. And the timeline, starting with the Miss Universe Pageant, gets more and more obvious by the day. We've been had in the biggest way. Apparently Putin formulated the seed of a plan in 2012 after Russia's been trying to infiltrate our system by any means necessary short of open Conflict for years.

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