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1. wabbit - 9/11/1999 12:50:38 AM

This is a test thread. Try out all your HTML tricks and messy tables here, and spare us in the other threads!

2. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 12:53:27 AM

I just wanted to try this out. Hi webfeet!

Please don't boot me out! :-)

3. God - 9/11/1999 12:57:27 AM

I don't think you should be allowed to spoof other people's handles. That's not really you, Vic, is it?

4. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 1:01:12 AM

Yes, this is VicKuligin. But of course, you already knew that, didn't you God?

talk about spoofing other's handles!!

Who are you God, ie, old Fray moniker, if I may ask?

5. robertjayb - 9/11/1999 2:54:41 AM

It's Bee-you-tea-ful!

6. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 2:59:28 AM

testing time

theists are God's gift to the world

7. IrvingSnodgrass - 9/11/1999 3:02:36 AM

I still can't think of a word with 4 c's.

Here, I'll try a test, too:

Atheists are God's gift to the world.

8. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 3:04:31 AM

Mine didn't come out Brush Script like I had designated.

Let me try this

9. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 3:05:35 AM

OK, so far I've used 'Brush Script' and 'Brush' for the face names, with no success. What am I doing wrong?!

10. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 3:07:27 AM

Comic Sans MS??

11. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 3:08:45 AM


12. KULIGINtheHOOLIGAN - 9/11/1999 3:09:48 AM

OK, what fonts work for this place??

13. wabbit - 9/11/1999 4:30:39 AM

Vic, good to see you. I think you could specify any font you like. However, the only way anyone will see it is if they have that specific font available on their computer.

14. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 7:52:51 AM

(font size="6" color="navy" face="brush stroke)let's try this again(/font)

let's see...

15. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 7:53:15 AM


16. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 7:54:01 AM

Yes, that was it.

The last half of my message went unseen. It was simply the HTML shown in the first half, with the brackets in.

17. phillipdavid - 9/11/1999 7:57:33 AM

Kuligin, I saw your #6 in Brush

18. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 7:58:12 AM

For a fuller demonstration...
19. Amerikanvampire - 9/11/1999 7:59:23 AM

this should work 20. CalGal - 9/11/1999 8:00:18 AM

Did you put a /html at the end of your post? You are doing something odd that no one else does. So I suggest you set your sites lower for a while, until we figure out how you're screwing up the page.

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