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1610. Ms. No - 6/12/2002 3:25:45 AM


It isn't a permanent decision, But after three days of watching folks abuse their power as hosts to take shots at other Moties by changing thread titles it was deemed better to suspend a little used priveledge than to suspend a bunch of posters.

1611. Ms. No - 6/12/2002 3:28:52 AM

With all the squabbling going on I haven't had a chance to check in on Marj's thread, but from what I've seen of his behavior in the Islamism thread he's out of line.

I would prefer that no one be suspended, but when I got on this morning I was ready for mass suspensions just to get a little order.

1612. rubberducky - 6/12/2002 3:37:32 AM

Re: Message # 1610, Ms. No.

fair enough and i can completely understand. i just hope it doesn't become permanent.

1613. PelleNilsson - 6/12/2002 4:00:09 AM

Ms No

You don't need to suspend people. Just use the maintenance tools to remove them as hosts.

1614. Ms. No - 6/12/2002 4:37:06 AM


I know, but it wasn't a question of suspending the priviledge or susending the host it was a question of suspending the priviledge in order to stop a chain of events that would eventually result in the suspension of posters. If someone is adamant enough about causing a ruckus to keep abusing his hosting priveleges, then he's adamant enough to get wild when those priveleges are revoked at which point he'll likely do something to get himself suspended......like try to derail his nemesis' thread by spamming it continuously. We've seen this behavior before.

Halting the escalation of hostilities caused by the changing thread titles was a small move that will hopefully have a widespread calming effect.

(And just how long was everyone going to sit around and let me misspell priviledge?)

1615. marjoribanks - 6/12/2002 5:39:41 AM

1) Kindly spell out to me exactly what behavior of mine has been out of line in either the Islamism or the America Abroad Thread.

2) When you do so, please note that I will be closely comparing your description of what is out of line with what has been tolerated in other threads in exactly the same period of time, and what is eminently reasonable.

3) My intention with and in the US foreign policy thread is exactly as stated openly and repeatedly, there have been zero hidden agendas.

1616. Ms. No - 6/12/2002 6:23:26 AM


What do you call it when a poster in a thread repeatedly violates the thread host's instructions? You continued to re-post a message that the Islamism thread host deemed inappropriate for the thread. Rather than bring this issue to the attention of the Moderators you chose instead to try and duke it out with the thread host. 9 times out of 10 you will lose this battle as our RoE state very specifically that

The definition of "needless" and "abusive" are left to the thread host, whose word is final. Any posts that are deemed abusive may be deleted. Understand that standards are set by the host. Continually abusive behavior may be grounds for suspension of posting privileges.

It goes without saying that this has holes you can drive trucks through. This is intentional. The inventiveness of a small minority forces us to be vague.

Now if you'd like to argue that Thread hosts should have to justify their every action to the screaming horde trying to derail a discussion then you're welcome to try that, but I doubt you'll get much support.

The most recent prior example of this behavior is Jexster's antics. Previously both RosettaStone and AceofSpades tried these tactics. Without fail every single one of them was suspended for the behavior. I don't expect to have to keep warning people not to do something so decidedly puerile.

If you have something to say on topic in the thread then you have as much right as anyone else to post it. If you want to lodge a complaint about your treatment at the hands of a thread host and have made a clear statement to that host and not received satisfaction then you should come to the Moderators. You don't get to run around with your hands over your ears singing "La-La-La I'm not listening to you!!!" and disrupting the flow of discussion in a thread.

1617. marjoribanks - 6/12/2002 6:36:57 AM

Okay, in that instance, given the clear reference to the Rules of Exchange, I pursued the incorrect tack. Mea Culpa.

Thank you for clearly spelling out the perceived problem.

1618. Ms. No - 6/12/2002 6:39:26 AM

No problem-o.

We're all ogling butts now in a giant rippling love-fest.

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